Buena Vista Migrant Center Application


The Office of Migrant Services (OMS) maintains 24 Migrant Housing Centers throughout the State of California.  OMS established the Migrant Farmworker Housing Program in order to provide safe, decent, affordable seasonal rental housing for migrant farmworker families during the peak harvest season.  The centers are operated under contract in accordance with OMS Regulations.  By regulation, the housing centers operate for 180 days each year, although the regulations allow for season extensions under certain conditions and with approval by OMS.

Stanislaus Regional Housing Authority is currently contracted to operate the following Migrant Farmworker Housing Centers:


Center Name


# of Rental Units

2024 Opening Day

2023 Scheduled Closing Date

Buena Vista Watsonville 102 April 1, 2024 September 27, 2024
Patterson Patterson 40 April 22, 2024 October 18, 2024
Empire Empire 92 May 1, 2024 October 27, 2024
Westley Westley 84 May 13, 2024 November 8, 2024


Migrant farmworker families may apply for a rental unit beginning at 8 A.M. on each center’s Opening Day.  On opening day of each center, applications will be accepted online via the links above.  Only applications submitted at 8 A.M. or later on opening day will be considered for the current season’s available units.  Eligibility determination will be conducted by appointment.  The agency will contact applicants on opening day for afternoon eligibility appointments for available units.  Once all units are filled by eligible migrant families, the remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list for the current season, and will be contacted in waiting list order as units become available throughout the season.  Each center maintains a separate waiting list.

All applicants must complete the eligibility process and be determined to be an eligible migratory farmworker family before a lease can be signed and any security deposit or rent can be accepted.

For more information, please email migranthousing@stanregionalha.org

Empire Migrant Center

5132 South Avenue
P.O. Box 699
Empire, CA  95319
Contact: Roger Fuentes
(209) 527-0648

Patterson Migrant Center

456 Eureka Avenue
P.O. Box 206
Patterson, CA  95363
Contact: Miriam Giebeler
(209) 894-3461

Westley Migrant Center

696 Livingston Circle
P.O. Box 206
Westley, CA  95387
Contact: Miriam Giebeler
(209) 892-8948

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